Missions Week 2007

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We started off our annual Missions Week. This is a great time for our church to really focus in on the heart of our church and the bigger purpose of God.

Every year, I am humbled to see how a concentrated time of tapping into God’s heart can produce life transformation. We are praying that this year will be no different as we have the privilege of having Dr. Timothy Tennent come and share God’s Word with us.

Dr. Tennent has written several books, but his most anticipated book which will be coming out in December 2007 is called, “Theology in the Context of World Christianity: How the Global Church Is Influencing the Way We Think about and Discuss Theology.”

So get ready.

We have started the Missions Week with morning prayers focusing on missions. Also, there will be various seminars and sermons this coming weekend that will help train and equip you for the Great Commission.

We are particularly excited about this Sunday because we are having our first International Sunday Celebration. You do not want to miss it. We are going to sing, speak and shout out God’s greatness in various languages. We will many different cultures represented as we display the mosaic picture of God’s multi-faceted Church.

I will also be introducing the new theme for this coming year which will be “Think Globally. Train Locally.” You don’t want to miss what God is going to do this coming week.

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