Crucial Component of College Campuses

I was away the last 2 days visiting a college campus. I went out to scout the campus for a possible church plant in the future. As I was walking around, I couldn’t help but to get convicted about the important role college campuses play in the overall purpose and mission of God.

As I was talking with some of the students, there was a gentle nudge from the Spirit. I realized that many major decisions that change the destiny and course of a person’s life are made in college. If we are able to speak into their lives with a Kingdom perspective, they will be used of God in a tremendous way.

It is interesting how so many ministries on college campuses are still run by para-churches. But there seems to be a new wave of local churches coming into the campuses. It is exciting to see how God is using local churches and para-churches to bring forth the reality of God’s Kingdom.

As college campuses are being reached then communities will be impacted. If communities are then reached, the surrounding cities will be affected. Hopefully, as cities are reached, the world will be transformed and God will receive all the glory!

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