Marriage Principles from CNN?

It is always refreshing when secular media covers a topic that is important to the Church and to God. In a world where marriages are crumbling, people (even secular people) are seeing the importance of common sense.

This is why the CNN article caught my attention when I saw the title, “Saving Marriages Must Be a National Priority.” Even though the writer of this article got a divorce, it was pretty interesting to hear his perspective. Maybe after the divorce something inside of him just clicked.

He stressed the importance of couples learning how to endure and persevere in their marriages. Simply – people give up too easily. We just don’t know how to work through the issues. He even addressed the issue of selfishness and how it plays a part in the overall problem.

What would it be like if the Church or Christ-followers are able to enter into this kind of platform and talk about family issues (the “D” in the CHARGED acronym) in the Transformasphere Movement. I think the issue of divorce is hitting so many people that they will give us a hearing.

You can read the whole CNN article here.

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