Rebuilding Community Through Nehemiah

We will be finishing off the first section of the Book of Nehemiah (chapters 1-7) at ACCESS tonight. Then for second semester we will finish off with chapters 8-13. It has been encouraging to study the Book of Nehemiah. The amazing part of the Bible is to see how biblical principles apply to the situation […]

Urgency to Pray

Recently, in light of everything that is going on in our church, I felt a greater urgency for prayer – not only in my life but corporately, as a whole church. Prayer is one of those things that do not need any explanation but it is so hard for believers to engage. It is not […]

Discernment Time

Pastor Ben and I just got back tonight from our campus scouting trip. It was great spending some time together. Now, we will go into some time of fasting and prayer to discern the will of God. More than anything else, I was reminded about the crucial piece that college campuses play in the bigger […]

Six Seconds of Fame

Some of you might have heard about the CNN/YouTube Democratic debate that happened on July 23rd, 2007. Now the GOP are having their YouTube debate tomorrow on November 28th. One of our church members decided to submit a question… AND guess what? He got 6 seconds of fame on CNN Jeanne Moos’ presentation of videos […]

Another Scouting Trip

Pastor Ben and I will be heading out to the airport in about 3 hours. As you know, we are trying to secure another campus location for a future church plant. Part of the joy in going to other campuses is to just see what God is up to in that area. Even in our […]

The Christmas Tree Tradition

Today we put up the Christmas tree. It is a tradition for us to put it up the day after Thanksgiving, but since it was so busy this past weekend we finally did it today. One of the unique things of our tree is that all the ornaments are from various nations around the world […]

1st Snowfall of 2007

Yesterday night it snowed enough where the fields were blanketed with the good white stuff. Even though people complain about how cold it gets in the Midwest and particularly in Michigan, there is something about the four seasons that I love. Although I love the warmer weather in California and down South during the winter […]

Staying at Home

Tonight I am staying at home watching the kids. They are already washed up and ready for bed. Christina and her mentoring group are going out to have dinner together. Originally, I was going to meet with the group of men that I am discipling but due to a miscommunication (or lack of), our group […]

Christmas Music

Whenever I start hearing Christmas music in stores and on the radio station, it reminds me that Christmas is near. Even though so much of what is out there is commercialized, when I hear some of the nostalgic songs it brings a warm feeling inside of me. Here in Ann Arbor, WNIC, FM 100.3 plays […]

Black Friday 2007

Yesterday, we had my younger brother, Marc and Christina’s younger brother Alex, along with is wife Ginny and son, Tyler come to Ann Arbor to celebration Thanksgiving. It is great that even though we could not go home spend time with family that some of the family members came to Ann Arbor. We all ended […]

Early Thanksgiving

Christina and I went to Karissa’s Thanksgiving meal that they have every year at their school. We are pros at this now because we went to Josiah’s and Elliot’s meal for the last 6 years. It is great to see the kids helping out with the actual meal. Incredibly, the food is always great. I […]

Flight Cancellation

My flight back to Ann Arbor got cancelled. It is a bit frustrating because tonight was my date night with Christina. I am going to catch the later flight which will get me back home later in the evening. Oh the joys of interruptions in our lives. Somehow God always has a plan for everything […]

Video Sermon History

This coming Sunday due to my travel to HMCC of Chicago, we are going to do our first video sermon in Ann Arbor. I am praying that we will expect the similar results as in Chicago, if not greater here in the “mother church.” When we first showed the video sermon in Chicago, Pastor Jimmy […]

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