The Christmas Tree Tradition

Today we put up the Christmas tree. It is a tradition for us to put it up the day after Thanksgiving, but since it was so busy this past weekend we finally did it today.

One of the unique things of our tree is that all the ornaments are from various nations around the world – it is called the “tree of the nations.” Whenever I go to various places for missions, I try to pick up an ornament from that country. This has been going on for the last 6+ years therefore we had amassed a pretty good collection.

In fact the first year we decided to do this the tree was empty and bear… we just had ornaments from Mexico and Peru, but now countries from every continent are represented and we are wanting to increase it in the years to come.

Another tradition is to have everyone pick an ornament and then find out which country it is from… then we would spend time praying for that nation. It is our prayer that people from that country would come to know the true reason for the season.
Christmas Tree 2007.JPG
Our Christmas tree that represents the nations
Christmas Tree Lights 2007.JPG
The lights made us do the crazy pose

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