UM vs. OSU Tickets

      Do I need to say any more? I am so blessed by the people in our church. They are always trying to find ways to bless our family. It is a joy serving and ministering to them, especially when I can get free tickets to the BIG game 🙂 The boys are […]

Autographing with Excellence

For some reason, whenever something is done with excellence it inspires me. Maybe it is the perfectionistic side of me. But all I know is that when people give their 100% and they do things well, it encourages me. The flip side of this is when people do things half-heartedly or doing things to just […]

HD Picture of Earth

        This picture was photographed on November 7th, with a high-definition imaging (HDTV) from the Japanese spacecraft called, “Kaguya.” The spacecraft was orbiting about 62 miles above the moon and captured the Earth-rise. Something about this picture mesmerized me. For some reason, you see the beauty of God’s creation. Out of all […]

International Students on the Rise

There was an interesting article on the Michigan Daily yesterday. Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we have seen a drop in international students coming to the States to study. But a recent study has shown that the number has increased this year. This is an awesome thing in light of missions and the greater vision […]

Josiah’s 1st B-ball Game

The family and I went to Josiah’s first basketball game (it was a home game). I realized that since it is a young team (5th and 6th graders) they are still developing not only in their skills but even in their physique. But it was fun watching them. In fact, it brought back a lot […]

Campus Blog

It has truly been a blessing to see the renewed vision and energy within the campus ministry in our church. I realized that when anyone does anything for 11+ years, it is easy to get complacent and comfortable. Christina and I were talking about this today during our breakfast date. If we are not constantly […]

Not-So-Surprising Conclusions

Pastor Matt Ro from Journey Church of Atlanta forwarded me an article that was pretty interesting to read. In this article there was an assessment made about the whole “seeker sensitive” movement that was started by Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. Bill Hybels became the authority and expert on the whole movement. […]

The Word Sacrifice

I was reading a quote the other day by William Temple (1881-1944). He wrote, “The principle of sacrifice is that we choose to do or to suffer what apart from our love we should not choose to do or to suffer.” For some reason, this quote really spoke to me. First of all, love is […]

Small Group Blessings

Today after the 1st Sunday Celebration, one of the small groups in our church gathered Christina and me together to present us with a gift. They surprised us with two tickets to see the opera “The Marriage of Figaro” in the Detroit Opera House. I was so ecstatic! I LOVE opera. I know how expensive […]

AMI General Conference 2007 Update

I guess one of the ways to stop me from blogging so frequently is to cut off internet access 🙂 It has been hard to get internet connection (I need one of those internet PC cards) and also the conference has been busy. I am finally at a Panera Bread and writing up this post. […]

Christmas Song Already?

Yesterday, I was listening to a Christian radio station and they were playing Christmas songs (particularly songs about the Nativity). At first I was like, “Already? Isn’t it too early?!” Then I was thinking maybe the Christian radio stations wanted to beat the commercial market on advertising for Christmas. Then today, they mentioned that there […]

AMI General Conference 2007

        I will be heading out to California for the AMI conference today. The Trans-Local Team (TLT) and I are meeting a few days early to take care of logistical things for AMI. We have been praying for this conference. The leaders of AMI want to see a time of refreshment and […]

International Sunday Celebration

        Tomorrow, we will have our first-ever international Sunday Celebration. This has been 10 years in the making. I have always wanted to have a service where we can sing worship songs in multi-languages and to read Scripture in various tongues. It is going to be exciting to cap off our Missions […]

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