HD Picture of Earth

HD Earth from Moon.jpg
This picture was photographed on November 7th, with a high-definition imaging (HDTV) from the Japanese spacecraft called, “Kaguya.” The spacecraft was orbiting about 62 miles above the moon and captured the Earth-rise.

Something about this picture mesmerized me. For some reason, you see the beauty of God’s creation. Out of all the planets in the world it is fascinating to think that this is where God’s creatures that are made in His image dwell.

It just seems like it is suspended in emptiness, but you can see the blue waters and land where we live. For some reason, it made me feel really small and realized how big and awesome God is.

“God, brilliant Lord, yours is a household name. Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you; toddlers shout the songs that drown out enemy talk, and silence atheist babble. I look up at your macro-skies, dark and enormous, your handmade sky-jewelry, moon and stars mounted in their settings. Then I look at my micro-self and wonder, why do you bother with us? Why take a second look our way? (Ps 8:1-4, The Message Translation)

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