Running with Christina

This morning was a beautiful day to run outside. After all the snow storms and cold weather, it was nice that the weather was getting warmer. As some of you know, Christina loves running. She has mentioned that it is her way of “getting away” and being in her own sanctuary. For me, I am trying to stay healthy and live to see my grandchildren, Lord willing.

We ended up running together at Gallup Park. It is really different from running on a treadmill. The scenery was great and the Spring air filled my lungs. After this run, I was inspired to plan for the half-marathon. But there is one glitch. The race starts at 8AM and Sunday Celebration starts at 10AM. This means that I have to run 13.1 miles under 2 hours. Hmm… maybe the thought of making it on time for church will push me to run faster. The only other thing that will motivate me to run faster is a dog chasing after me… HA!

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