Sledding Madness

Today, the Kim family decided to venture out to conqueror a new hill that was discovered a few days ago. With the fresh snow that fell the day before, we were resolute to go sledding even though it was freezing outside.

We had an incredible time!

Even though some of the snow turned icy, the downhill ride was awesome. One of the greatest joys is going down together in the same sled with your children and to hear them yell and scream in excitement. It kind of makes you want to scream along with them.

I realized more and more that it is the simple things of life (the non-expensive stuff) that creates some of the greatest memories as a family.

We are hoping that it will snow even more – I still don’t understand how people can live without the snow… four seasons, baby!
We were getting ready to race – the boys get their competitive nature from their mom 🙂
Josiah took the lead. KiKi was screaming the whole time.
Sledding: $0; Creating Memories with Kids: Priceless!

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