Sledding Madness

Today, the Kim family decided to venture out to conqueror a new hill that was discovered a few days ago. With the fresh snow that fell the day before, we were resolute to go sledding even though it was freezing outside. We had an incredible time! Even though some of the snow turned icy, the […]

Pastor Appreciation Day

I went to Josiah’s and Elliot’s school today. As some of you know, they are at a Christian school. Christina and I had debates about whether to send them to a Christian school or to the public school. We came to the conclusion that in these formative years, it is more important to focus on […]

Pink is Her Color

Oh my! You should have seen Karissa when I gave her a pink rose for Valentine’s day. I told her that the color pink was for a princess and that she was my princess (I know, I know… I just can’t help it). In fact, I started to have regrets when she took the rose […]

New Valentine’s Tradition?

I had everything planned out for an intimate dinner for two at our place (candle lights and all). After putting the kids to sleep, I was planning on a nice dinner and some quiet time alone just between the two of us. But all the plans went out the window when Christina said, “I think […]

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