Make-Shift Mini Office

In the future, I hope that cities that are planning on making new airports would make sure that they are forward thinking and build mini-cubicals and include a lot of electrical outlets. There is nothing more frustrating to a traveler than not having enough outlets to charge up their computers and other electronic devices. I […]

Congregational Meeting 2.10.07

I am excited about our congregational meeting tomorrow. There are a lot of things that we, as a church dream to do… But without God’s help and God’s people, we will never get there. I hope all of you who are participatory members (signed HMCC covenant) will come out and join us. We will give […]

Love Stories Conclusion

I am getting ready to head out to Chicago to finish off our relationship series. Last Friday, I talked about the purposes of marriage. Today, I am going to address the practical principles of relationships. Once again, relationships are not the easiest thing to navigate through… it is complicated and sometimes just straight out confusing. […]

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