Pastors’ Prayer Gathering

The pastors and I spent some time praying together today. We have our staff meetings on Friday’s but we came to the conclusion that it is hard to cover everything without compromising on something. One thing that we have not done enough of is to pray for one another. Therefore, we agreed to meet every […]

Love Stories Series

        If there is any topic that I end up counseling people the most on as a pastor is the topic of opposite-sex relationships. Many of us want a relationship that will lead to marriage and last for the long haul. But it is not so easy. If there is an issue […]

Dilemma of the Century

The last time my Chicago Bears have been to the Super Bowl was in 1986. I still remember it as if it was yesterday. How can we forget the personalities of “The Fridge” and Jim McMahon? Also, the classic music video they made called, The Superbowl Shuffle (click here to watch). Guess what? Christina had […]

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