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If there is any topic that I end up counseling people the most on as a pastor is the topic of opposite-sex relationships. Many of us want a relationship that will lead to marriage and last for the long haul. But it is not so easy.

If there is an issue where people are struggling with brokenness it is most likely tied into this area of opposite-sex relationships. All the hurts, discouragements, and frustrations hinder us from really growing and experiencing God.

Opposite-sex relationships have always been problematic and even awkward for Christians. We end up going to the two extremes – either we approach relationships in a manner similar to the world or we over-spiritualize everything that it becomes unrealistic.

Is there another way to approach this whole thing?

The bible has a lot to say about relationships.

I am excited to share this series with HMCC of Chicago. It is my prayer that through this series two things will happen:

1) People will approach relationships in a manner that is different from the world. We need to (have to). How else with the message of the Gospel have credibility?


2) People will eventually get married and fullfill their destiny together with their spouse.


Hope to see all of you for this 2-part series.

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