Guys and Silence

If you are a guy, I don’t know if you have ever been accused of not being talkative while you are eating. Christina always reminds me to slow down because I eat too fast. I think it was all the Alpha Omega days (gospel band I was a part of in college). We had to […]

Time with My Boys

My time with the boys was a blast. There is something about just hanging out with the guys that bring out a certain side of the male gender. We ate all the food that Christina would not normally let us eat (shhh!). We did a little glow-in the dark miniature golfing, swimming, Chuck E. Cheese, […]

Earlier Flight

When I talked with a NWA’s reservation agent to see if I can get on an earlier flight, they said that all the flights were booked solid. Since Chicago and Detroit had bad weather, they had to cancel a lot of flights and rebook people on the Monday flights. Therefore, I thought I would not […]

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