Guys and Silence

If you are a guy, I don’t know if you have ever been accused of not being talkative while you are eating. Christina always reminds me to slow down because I eat too fast. I think it was all the Alpha Omega days (gospel band I was a part of in college). We had to learn how to eat quickly since we were always on the move from one retreat to another.

Today, I realized that it is not just the food that causes guys to not talk much but it is also the TV. My boys wanted to eat chicken wings for lunch today so we went to this place where they had literally 5 jumbo screens going and about 25-30 TV’s all over the restaurant. They were all on various sports channels (I didn’t know that they had that many!).

I tried striking up some conversation but the last thing they wanted to do was to talk because of the wings and TV. Then a moment of empathy hit me – hmm… maybe this is what many women feel as they eat with men.

So we ate in silence.

The only sound was from the grunting (approval of the food) and “daddy, I have to go to the bathroom.”

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