Profession: Passion or Paycheck

Every profession has its “blackhole.” By “blackhole” I mean – the reason of going into a profession somehow gets sucked up and loses its sense of purpose. Since I have been traveling so much in the last year or two, once in awhile I get complimentary 1st class upgrade seating on flights. It is kind […]

Cancelled School Day

Due to the cold fridge weather, the Ann Arbor school system closed school for another day. This is now 2 days in a row. Wow! I remember when I was younger, we would have to go to school no matter what – yes, even in blizzards and freezing temperature. What has come of our generation […]

Monday Nights

Monday nights are special. After a long weekend of ministry, I can chill with “24” and spend some time with Christina. We all need some down time and also find some things that will refresh us. I am realizing that as you get older, the simple things are all you need.

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