Cancelled Flight

My flight to DTW got cancelled and they assigned me on another flight. This flight will get me into Ann Arbor later than I expected or planned. I wanted to spend some time with the family before they went to sleep. Even through cancelled flight, it is just a fresh reminder on the fact that […]

Relationships and Trust

Why is it that this topic of relationship is one of the hardest things to bring under the Lordship of Christ? We give God permission to address any other areas of our lives, but in the area of our “love life,” we are a little resistant (never blatantly, but more in a subtle way). I […]

Praise Night 2007

I was a bit bummed that I could not make it to the Praise Night yesterday. This was the first Praise Night in 10 years that I missed. After talking with one of the pastors, I heard it went well. I can’t wait to see it on DVD. Sometimes I want to clone myself and […]

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