Relationships and Trust

Why is it that this topic of relationship is one of the hardest things to bring under the Lordship of Christ? We give God permission to address any other areas of our lives, but in the area of our “love life,” we are a little resistant (never blatantly, but more in a subtle way).

I have come to the conclusion that this is one area that really reveals our view of God and value on life, more than any other avenues. All the devotional readings, prayers, evangelism, and etc. can be done without really exposing the true heart of a person. But it is impossible to fake it in the area of relationships. We are either trusting in God or we are not – no middle ground. Maybe I am sounding a bit extreme, but after counseling so many people through their relationships and even their singleness, this is what I have concluded. We might possibly be able to give brownie points for effort.

Hmm… I am wondering if this is why all of us will have to go through it as a rite of passage in order to develop a greater life of faith and trust. The logic: If you can trust God with this area, you can trust Him with everything else.

As our church in Ann Arbor is getting older, it is getting harder to help people to see the connection.

Christina and I are praying that people will allow God to write their love stories and learn how to trust in God… no matter what! Or they have to be open to set ups… we will “give them an offer that they cannot refuse.” 🙂

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