Leadership Lessons Luncheon

We had our first Leadership Lessons Luncheon this afternoon. For those of you who have not heard about this yet… after the Undergraduate Retreat the staff and I had a greater burden to help develop leaders in our church. If we are going to see a strong church then we need to influence people while they are young and in their formative years.

We thought that having a “brown bag” lunch discussion on various aspects of leadership would help accomplish several goals. First, the staff will have an opportunity to impart principles to the younger generation. Secondly, we would be able to spend time with some of the younger students without taking extra time out for an appointment.

I laid down the objectives with the 3 D’s – Discipleship, Dialogue and Direction. As we talk about leadership issues and other topics that come up, it is an opportunity for people to learn and grow. We also know that people learn best from discussions and dialogue. This helps in the process stage as well as sharpening each other. Lastly, we want to be able to help the young students go in the right direction as they are making important decisions in life.

We are going to try to have these gatherings bi-weekly or at least once a month. I am hoping that will be a catalyst for future leaders to be developed and trained for building up God’s Kingdom.

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