Fusion Youth Conference 2006

How long has it been since I spoke at a youth conference? This was the question that was running through my mind as I was getting ready to preach yesterday night. The worship was energy packed with colored lights, strobe lights and media presentations. The students were jumping up and down and singing their lungs out.

I realized how much I miss the “youth culture.” It is so easy for us to forget that we were at that stage at one point in our lives. My past experiences as a junior high and high school student began to flash in my mind – all the struggles, all the acne, all the peer pressure, all the boy/girl relationship issues, and etc.

Even though times have changed with the new fashions, new youth culture lingo and new expressions of worship, there is one thing that will never change throughout history, which is the need for a Savior. We all long for security, unconditional love, hope and significance – and these things can genuinely be found in Christ.

Side note: I can’t believe Josiah will be at some of these conferences in about 3 years.

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