2006 India Update 5

Praise God! After a long ordeal and the efficiency of Indian bureaucracy (hint of sarcasm), I got my new passport and my exit visa to leave the country. Now, I will be leaving on a midnight train back to Dehra Dun to meet up with the team (no pun intended with Gladys Knight and the Pips song… if you were born after 1975 you probably have no idea what I am talking about… don’t worry about it… it’s all good).

The person that issued the passport was very suspicious of me. I guess he got a copy of my old passport where I had my clean cut look. He looked at me and then the photocopy of my old passport – he looked 3 times. Then he called one of his colleagues over and asked if that was me. Now, I had 2 people staring at me. Then he decided to ask me questions such as: Why are you in India? Are you married? Are you running away from something? My simple response – “I know what you are thinking… why the long hair, the goatee, etc… well, let’s just say it is an early mid-life crisis.” I was able to get a chuckle from him and the passport.

I am getting ready to preach at the Church Planters and Leadership Conference tomorrow. Many of these leaders are overseeing 20+ churches in their areas and villages. Please pray for me and the team as we minister God’s Word to the people.

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