NU Church Plant Update – 7.31.06

I was delayed in DTW airport due to thunderstorm warnings. I finally arrived at ORD airport one hour after the original estimated time of arrival. We called in and told everyone to get started with dinner and we quickly rush over to the meeting. After eating just one slice of pizza (I decided to save […]

Bling, Bling Transformation

One of the privileges I have in speaking at various places is meeting different people that remind me of the power of the Gospel. At this revival meeting, I was re-introduced to the phrase, “a blast from the past.” I was able to reconnect with a pastor that was my youth pastor when I was […]

Wisconsin Revival Gathering

I am heading out to Milwaukee today to speak at a revival meeting for a couple of days. I will be seeing a couple of brothers in the ministry that I haven’t seen in a long time. It should be a good time of fellowship and preaching the Word to God’s people. I have always […]

Wake Up Call

I went to the doctor’s office today. It was a follow-up appointment to the sleep study that I did 1.5 months ago. The test results came in and they found that I have severe sleep apnea. Those of you who do not know what sleep apnea is, then click here. The doctor indicated that my […]

NU Church Plant Update – 7.24.06

Since I missed two Sundays with the NU group due to my trip to India, I was thrilled to meet up with everyone again. It is nice to have somewhat of a consistent place to meet at the Homestead Inn. We started off with dinner and some time of fellowship. Our conversations ranged from my […]

Playing Catch-up

As soon as I arrived in Michigan, I spent the last two days with the family (it has been non-stop activities at 100 mph). It was almost as if the kids were stockpiling all the things that they wanted to do with daddy and then when I arrived, they bombarded me with things to do. […]

2006 India Update 6

The Church Planters and Leadership Conference went well. We were able to pray for many of the pastors and their specific areas and churches. It was a wonderful time of renewal and re-focusing on the vision and mission of planting churches in the unreached places. Many of these pastors have been persecuted for their faith, […]

NU Church Plant Update – 7.16.06

This update posted by Pastor Pete while Pastor Seth is in India. We had another good visit to Evanston yesterday. I realized through the evening that we were laying the foundation for this church plant not only through the knowledge and principles gained in studying the Word together, but also in the relationships and community […]

2006 India Update 5

Praise God! After a long ordeal and the efficiency of Indian bureaucracy (hint of sarcasm), I got my new passport and my exit visa to leave the country. Now, I will be leaving on a midnight train back to Dehra Dun to meet up with the team (no pun intended with Gladys Knight and the […]

2006 India Update 4

We had the opportunity to visit the Ganges River the other day. It was an incredible sight. There were literally hundreds of thousands of people all lining up along the river to dip into the water. There were also many people who were carrying ornaments on their shoulders to offer to the Hindu gods. It […]

2006 India Update 3

Today, the team and I went into another state that was about 2 hours away to do some ministry. We entered into a school that was started by the ministry that we are working with here. It was good to see how a school can be an open door for the love of God to […]

2006 India Update 2

I ended up going back to Delhi to straighten out the passport situation. It was kind of hard leaving the team behind in Dehra Dun to fend for themselves, but they were in good hands with our hosts, Uncle George and Auntie Leela. The car ride back to Delhi was a difficult 8 hour experience. […]

NU Church Plant Update – 7.9.06

This update posted by Pastor Pete while Pastor Seth is in India. A handful of us met yesterday at an inn near the Northwestern campus. It was a smaller meeting since many of the students are away for the summer, and we had a good time of fellowship with one another. I realized that all […]

India 2006 Update 1

We arrived safely late Saturday night (early Sunday morning) and the team is finally all together. It has been an interesting missions trip so far. Here is a break down of the last 4 days: 1) Our flight out of Chicago to Delhi got cancelled due to engine problems. We ended up sleeping at a […]

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