Playing Catch-up

As soon as I arrived in Michigan, I spent the last two days with the family (it has been non-stop activities at 100 mph). It was almost as if the kids were stockpiling all the things that they wanted to do with daddy and then when I arrived, they bombarded me with things to do. We played monster (those of you who are not parents… don’t worry about it), we went out to eat, we watched a movie, we played a board game and the activities went on and on.

Even though I had to fight the jetlag, it was well worth it. It felt good reconnecting with Christina and the kids by spending time together as a family. But as we were driving into the garage (from one of the outings), a thought came to my mind and I shared it with Christina – “Sweetie, what if our children grow up saying to me, ‘Daddy, can you hurry up and leave for somewhere so that when you come back we can have fun!’”

At that moment, I realized that in my “time” lost with the kids due to the missions trip to India, I wanted to catch-up on all the missed playing times with the kids. Hence, the chaotic schedule of non-stop activities in a two day period. It brought back to mind the words that Christina shared many times before – “Honey, it is consistency that we need from you!”

How many times do we play “catch-up” in our lives? How many times could we have avoided the 100 mph lifestyle if we just consistently accomplished what God wanted us to accomplish on a daily basis?

I find myself playing catch-up in every area of my life – my spiritual life, my physical exercise commitment, my relationships with people, my dissertation… it never seems to stop.

I am praying that God will allow me to be “present” and faithful to everything that He is calling me to do. Then, hopefully, when everything is all said and done, I will be able to hear Christ say to me, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Mt 25:21).

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