A Day in the Life of Karissa

Today, Karissa and I headed out to her school at 6:30PM. It was a special day. All the kids in her class invited one of their parents to come and experience what a day in school is like for them. I decided to go and make it a daddy/daughter thing.

Karissa’s excitement was contagious. Even though there were pressing things that I needed to take care of, I realized that the excitement in her voice to show me everything in her classroom dissipated the stress that I was feeling.

It was great to go through a tour of all the things that she does in a single day. There were so many choices of learning avenues. It was like a little “Hands-on-Museum.” Christina and I are thankful that we can send Karissa to this school and have her mind stretched and her imagination expanded.

Sometimes in the midst of all the busyness and stress, I need little reminders that these moments will soon pass and it will never come back again – this is why I need perspective and appreciate the moments that God gives me with my daughter. There will come a time when I will have to give her away in marriage (very, very reluctantly); therefore while she is still with me, I will cherish the moments.
KiKi's Classroom1.JPG
They are studying the history of North America in light of Thanksgiving
KiKi's Classroom3.JPG
She was showing me her math skills
KiKi's Classroom4.JPG
We were making some bubbles with a hand mixer
KiKi's Classroom2.JPG
Giving her a vision for the nations and to be a “world shaker and history maker” 🙂

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