2007 Vietnam Update 3

This afternoon I finished off my New Testament teaching. I also covered some of the Old Testament studies. It was more of a general overview – much lighter in content than my NT materials, but I think the students got a good feel of the basic themes of the OT. Towards the end of the last session, I was getting a bit tired. I think my arch in my feet are now gone! Since I was standing barefoot on a hard tile floor for 6-7 hours a day, my feet started to hurt. I think I might have to get one of the famous Vietnamese foot massages 🙂

All the students are a bit nervous about tomorrow. I am administering the final exam. But these students are so sharp, I think they will do well.

I just came back from a great Vietnamese dinner with one of the missionaries here and also with the other brothers from the States. We ate outside… now I understand why there is such a night life out here… it is definitely cooler in the evenings.

Tomorrow, they want me to lead a mini-revival session in the morning after the examination then I will get ready to head on back to Ann Arbor. This trip has been such a blessing… I am doing the very thing that God has created me to do… I am truly privileged.