2007 Vietnam Update 4

We finished off out time together with the final exam.

There is a fine balance in producing a test. If you make it too hard then the students will get discouraged and may not want to try (the principle of the failure mentality). But if you make it too easy then the teacher will never know if the student really learned the materials and are able to integrate the materials in various situations.

I felt that I made a pretty fair exam – some easy questions and some integration questions. We will see how well they did.

Statistics show that there are always a good percentage of people who cheat on examinations. What is even more alarming is that even in seminaries, where people are getting trained to be pastors and church leaders, there are students who cheat.

I shared all this with the students before they took the exam. But to my disbelief, there were some who still decided to do “communal” test taking! Sigh.

Integrity and character are things you cannot get overnight. It is developed in the fire of life.

A phrase I say a lot here in HMCC: “your character is the container that carries your convictions.

May we have big container to do great things for God!

Nevertheless, we were able to close our time together with a powerful mini-service… I wanted to preach on Ro 3:23 and 1 Jn 1:9 🙂

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