The Hong Kong Experience

I arrived into Hong last night at 10PM. Since my flight wasn’t leaving until next morning, I went out of the airport to sleep at a hotel. As I was going to the hotel, I was able to see the Hong Kong skyline – it is incredible at night! I didn’t have time to go around town since I had to get up early in the morning. Hopefully, one day I can spend some time there.

I made a unique observation – there are women taxi drivers! It was my first time seeing a female driving a taxi and she was an aggressive driver (I liked it… haha!). Then in the morning I took the taxi back to the airport and this time it was a male and he was an aggressive driver as well. Hmm… I am wondering if people in Hong Kong just drive aggressively… I am already liking this place 🙂

I am ready to board soon. I will be flying into Japan and then to DTW.

It has been a long week. I can’t wait to get home and spend some time with the family. This is always the best part of my trips – having the family welcome me when I get back home. There is no place like home.

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