Singapore Update 10.26.08

This morning we went to two church services. One was an Indonesian church that attracted a lot of the Indonesian speaking people in Singapore. They also have a translated English service where the congregation is a little bit more diverse. Then we headed out to a service where one of our alumni attends.

After visiting three churches within a span of 20 hours, I realized that we serve a big God. There are many different churches for many different people. This is why I am a firm believer that no single church has it all to reach out to the vast and diverse group of people within a city.

One of the churches had good expository preaching, while another one was strong in worship and another one was outward focused with evangelism. It would have been powerful if there was a church that balanced all these things… but alas, no church is perfect. This is why we need to continue to stretch ourselves so that we can fully live out our calling as the Bride of Christ.

Afterwards, some of the alumni and I just hung out at a Starbuck until they had to drop me off at the airport. I arrived in Jakarta safely and it was great to be greeted by Louisa who is now married!

There is a full day tomorrow with various meetings.

Please continue to pray for open doors.
Indonesian Church in Singapore.JPG
Instead of dancers with flags or banners for worship they used “fans”… yup this is Asia!
Stephen and Jackson.JPG
Stephen was the only one who knew the Bahasa language that is why he looks like he is getting convicted
Jo's Church in Singapore.JPG
Another Sunday Celebration at a different church

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