Singapore Update 10.25.08

I finally arrived in Singapore around 2:10AM! I was encouraged to see Jackson and Stephen waiting up for me to give me a ride to my hotel even though it was late.

After a few hours of sleep, I met up with Jackson in the morning and spent some time catching up. We talked about the potential of reaching a campus in the center of the city. It is one of the top universities in Singapore which specializes in Business Management.

I was blessed to hear that some of our alumni are praying about reaching out to the international students at this school. There are students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Iran, and etc. Since our alumni know what it felt like to be international students in the States, God has put a vision in them to reach out to these students.

I then met up with some of the other alumni to interview them for my paper. As they were answering some of the survey questions and sharing with one another, I noticed that there was a special connection. It was if they understood what each person went through while in the States. It just confirmed for me the need to start up international churches with the international students to reach the nations.

We ended up visiting City Harvest Church for their Saturday service. Then afterwards we went out to eat at a restaurant that was located on a street lined with restaurant. With so many choices, I don’t know how a person can decide.

After dinner, we called it a night since we will be visit two more churches on Sunday.
Singapore Management University showing their own version of “ivy”
SMU is right in the heart of the city
Eating Noodles.JPG
I can always eat a noodle dish
Singaporean Interview.JPG
It was a great interview with some of the Singaporean alumni
Praying for Indonesia.JPG
We prayed for the Jakarta international church plant
City Harvest Worship1.JPG
People were already gathered (on time) and ready to worship – incredible!
City Harvest Worship2.JPG
Visiting churches that have similar spirituality is always encouraging – same God, same Spirit!

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