Kenya Update 5

It was a little bit weird celebrating Christmas in 70 degree weather without any snow on the ground (I guess this is what Californians go through every Christmas). We participated in a Christmas party for the staff at the hospital. It was a great time of fellowshipping and playing games with the people on the base. Then, we ended up presenting a Christmas song and shared briefly from God’s Word.

Now, we are trying to get ready for Sunday’s ministry. This will be our last ministry opportunity. Then on Sunday evening, the people on the base will be holding a farewell feast for us. The generosity of the Kenyan people has been very humbling.

Dr. Peter left early in the morning today. He will spend some time in Nairobi and then head back to Ann Arbor. The last day and a half has been a bit relaxing. I realized that for Americans it takes awhile to “detox” and get use to this lifestyle. In the States, we are so busy running around that we miss out on opportunities for God to speak to us. It has been good for my soul.

After Sunday, we will be heading down to Nakuru and then Nairobi. We will spend some time reflecting and winding down in order to prepare for our return back to the States. So much has happened in the short amount of time we have been here. It will be a great time to recap and give God the praise for all that He has done.

Here are some pictures from the Christmas party:


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