Kenya Update 6

It was a good feeling to be able to walk to church today. The AIC Kapsowar Church was right next to the hospital. The service lasted for 3 hours! But the time went so quickly. It was a special Sunday because they divided up the church according to various life stages – youth, single adults, young married couples, middle aged couples, widows, single mothers, etc.

Pastor Ben preached to the young married couples, while Kevin spoke to the youth and then, I preached to the middle aged couples (40-60 yr olds). We spent a lot of time in praise and worship. There were a lot of special presentations. In fact, we sang a Christmas medley for the church. I don’t think we can match the musical ability of the Kenyans.

Afterwards, the pastors and leaders of the church invited us to a room to share in fellowship. As we were drinking our sodas, they were sharing how blessed they were to have us in Kapsowar. The irony is that we (the Americans) are the ones who are so blessed. We came to serve the people of Kenya but in fact it was the Kenyans who served us and blessed us.

We also spent part of the afternoon at a nearby area which gave us an incredible view of the valley. We just “hung out.” I am finally getting used to just “hanging out.” It really takes about a week or so to flow with the lifestyle here.

Thank you for praying for us. Everyone on the team is doing well.

We can’t wait to share with you in person all of God’s blessings.

Here are some pictures:
We did our best in singing a Christmas song for the congregation
After preaching, the people responded to a life of leaving a legacy for the next generation
The view was incredible! It was great getting a bird’s eye view of the area.
A picture of the four of us – it has been great spending time with Steve and Betty

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