Kenya Visit Update 2

This morning we visited Karen Community Church (KCC). It is an expatriate church comprised of many Kenyans who studied aboard. I was able to meet one person who studied at University of Washington in Seattle. There were other “Westerns” who are here in Nairobi for various businesses and assignments.

You can tell that there is some western influence in the various aspects of the church, but then there was a strong Kenyan feel to everything. It was a good experience. I am seeing more of a need for expatriate churches in various international cities.

Then we had lunch with Philemon and his family. Our married couples’ missions team met Philemon and his family last December. It was good catching up with everyone. Nothing beats a good Kenyan meal – there is something about connecting with people with their national food that brings people together.

There is such a great need in the urban cities. Due to the many global influences, you can tell that the need for contextualizing the Gospel in this kind of setting is great.
KCC Service.JPG
Hearing the Word at the KCC worship service
Fellowship Time.JPG
Fellowship time is made up of Kenyan “chai” at the gathering place
Philemon's Family.JPG
Philemon and his family after our lunch
Playground at Restaurant.JPG
This Kenyan restaurant was very kid friendly with a playground inside

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