Kenya Visit Update 1

After the long flight from DTW to AMS then to AMS to NBO, I met up with Dr. Steve and Pastor Young. It was quite an adventure trying to get a SIM card for my phone. It seems as if all of the vendors at the airport had a “good” price. But I finally talked with someone whose name was Titus. I was under the assumption that he was a Christian and was able to get a good price.

We ended up talking together throughout most of the night. It was good to hear some of the updates of the work in Kapsowar.

We slept in today to overcome our jetlag. Currently we are at a popular mall hang out where we can get internet connection. It is incredible to always see the expatriate community in a very international city. They form their own culture and there are many opportunities to share the Gospel with them as they are away from their “home” town. Reaching out to this community is a great missions opportunity. This is what I saw in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Our plans for the next few days consist of visiting an expatriate church in Nairobi on Sunday and hanging out and building our relationship with Dr. Steve.
Steve and Young on Compy.JPG
Dr. Steve and Pastor Young using their Macs, but I am daring to be different.. HA!

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