Vietnam Update 3

Last night we had a great service with an underground church. I preached from Joshua 5. I talked about how God is a God who provides change, covenants, and courage. It is so encouraging to see the Church here in Vietnam on fire for the Lord – their heart of worship and their passion in their prayers are infectious.

We are getting ready to fly out to Hanoi (the northern part of Vietnam). I heard the weather will be cooler there (thank God). We will be surveying that region and seeing what God has been doing throughout the years. As some of you know, Hanoi was the place where many of the U.S. soldiers were held as POW’s.

Please pray for:
1) Traveling mercies as we go from place to place
2) God’s favor and open doors as we meet various church pastors and leaders
3) God’s protection – not just physically but most of all, God spiritual protection

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