2007 AMI Revolution Update 3

Whenever all the messages from the various speakers flow together, it is an encouraging thing. It is as if the Holy Spirit takes the pieces together and puts it together like a puzzle. Pastor Matt from Journey Church of Atlanta spoke yesterday morning on the importance of the Church – the need for more of a corporate identity in Christianity was emphasized in light of our calling in 1 Peter 2:9-10.

Then in the afternoon, all the staff of the various AMI churches got together to fellowship and to have dinner. Every time we interact with one another, we get this sense that we are getting closer together and we are genuinely able to see each other as partners in the Gospel.

Then in the evening, I preached on Jeremiah 1:1-10. I looked into the calling of Jeremiah and how God is giving out a calling in our generation. God is waiting for our generation to step up to the plate and respond by saying, “Here we are Lord, send us!”

Even this morning, when Pastor Mark from Kairos Christian Church reminded us the importance of God calling us to go and fulfill the Great Commission as we remember our motivation and means for missions.

Now we are looking forward to hearing from Pastor Young from Grace Covenant Church speak. He and Annette have been gracious enough to open up their home for all the staff workers to have dinner at their place. It was a great time of fellowship.

Please pray for the AA and Chicago guys because they will be driving back to the Midwest later in the evening.
It has been encouraging to see people go all out for God
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I am encouraging the students to answer God’s calling in their lives

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