2007 AMI Revolution Update 4

I finally get an opportunity to catch my breath from this long weekend. As I reflect on this past weekend, I am thankful that God is moving powerfully in all the AMI churches. We ended the AMI Revolution conference on a high note with Pastor Young’s message about learning how to flee, fight and follow. We also had some quality time praying for one another.

Here are some takeaways from this conference:

1) God is doing something special on the college campuses around the States (and around the world)… it is our privilege just to be a part of it all.

2) God is so much bigger than just one church, one conference or one movement. We really need the whole body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

3) The relationships amongst the various AMI church staff are getting stronger. Since we are seeing and interacting with each other more, we are building lasting friendships and partnership.

4) Being with like-minded people is always freshing and it helps things move forward.

5) When God wants to move, He brings the hearts of people together.

It was good hanging out with close friends and building His Kingdom together. We are now looking forward to the AMI Revolution Conference… we just have to decide on the location. When we asked the crowd where they wanted to have it for AMI Revolution 2008 it seemed like people from the South are really wanting to host it… hmm, I wouldn’t mind some Southern hospitality 🙂
We had to make a run out for Philly’s famous cheesesteak
As you can tell, it was really, really good

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