Chilling with the Board & Mentoring Groups

One of the phrases that we use within our leadership is, “The ministry is the people, and the people are the ministry.” It is all too common to be task-oriented when it comes to doing ministry. Since we have to get things done it is easy to take the relationship for granted. But a strong relationship is the oil that keeps things running smoothly. So the board of directors (my mentoring group) and Christina’s mentoring group all went to Chicago to spend some time just chilling together.

Christina used her Priceline anointing to get us a top-notch hotel near the Magnificent Mile at a rock bottom price ($60 for a 4-5 star hotel). We did a lot of walking, talking and eating. It was a great time of relaxation and building stronger relationships together.

One of the highlights was when we rented out some mountain bikes and rode on Lake Shore Drive along Lake Michigan. Wow… my legs were sore after the ride. Then we closed out the day with a great dinner. We ended up getting back at around 1AM. I am pretty sure that everyone crashed right when they got home. Hopefully, they all made it to work the next day. 🙂

Here are some pictures:

Tour de Chicago
My wing-woman
Praying for the NU church plant as we overlooked the Chicago Skyline

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