Africa Team at the Airport

Wow! Transporting 9 people and checking in 18 bags (this is minus the carry-on’s) was quite the experience. We are now just waiting for our flight to Nairobi via Amsterdam. It was truly God’s grace that allowed us to get so much medicine at a low cost. I think 75% of the bags were filled with medicines that Dr. Steve will be able to use.

As we are waiting for the plane there are a couple of things making this missions trip different:

1) Sitting next to the love of my life – this is our first missions trip together
2) Seeing other married couples sitting together preparing for the trip
3) Realizing that this is HMCC’s first medical missions team

Even though I love going on missions trip with college students, this trip really has a good feeling – going with other married couples, who love God and love one another.
Kevin and Liz.jpg
One of our couples – the dynamic doctor duo, Dr. Kevin and Dr. Liz Oh

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