Kenya Update 7

Before we left Kapsowar, some of the staff of the hospital threw a farewell feast for us. Once again it is just humbling to see the generosity and gratitude in the hearts of the people at the hospital. Instead of blessing them, they continually blessed us.

It was a hard saying our goodbyes to everyone. Even though we were in Kapsowar for only a week, the friendships that were built and the memories were very precious. As we packed the vans and started to drive off, I lifted up one final prayer for the work in the hospital and the church.

Here are some pictures from our last day in Kapsowar:
[WARNING: If you are a vegetarian or an extreme animal lover then please do not read any further!]
Lamb Feast - Before.JPG
[Before] – The lamb that was going to be sacrifical participant in the farewell feast
Lamb Feast - After.JPG
[After] – watching the whole process, it really made me understand the “lamb/sheep” imagery in the Bible
A Jacque.JPG
Jacque had an incredible testimony of being one of the 15 doctors from Sudan that was sent off to Cuba during the Sudanese civil war to get trained as a doctor. He was placed in Kapsowar to get trained and ready to be sent back to Sudan to be one of the handful of doctors to reach millions of people. Now tell me, doesn’t he look like Manute Bol?
Team in Front of Hospital.JPG
A group picture in front of the hospital
Team and Lee Family.JPG
Last picture with the whole Lee family at the base
Crossing the Equator.JPG
It is not everyday that you get to step on the equator… it was one of those moments for the team

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