Purdue College Retreat Update 1

It was a long drive from Ann Arbor to the retreat center near the Purdue University campus. I was going to fly in to Indianapolis, but the cost of the flight was ridiculous. Therefore, I decided to drive down with the worship team. It was good spending some time with them.

Since the retreat is only a day and a half, we do not have much time to really build deep relationships with people. But the people here are so nice (maybe it’s a Midwestern thing) that we were able to connect with them instantly. The people responded well to the first night’s message and prayer time. They are hungry to grow and experience the things of God.

After the worship service, we had some food and fellowship. It was crazy because they had homemade pizza and it was incredibly good (first retreat with homemade pizza for fellowship time). Then I ended up talking with people until the wee-hours of the night. The atmosphere was great to build relationship and meet new people.

In fact, you start to realize how small the world is when you start meeting people that know you or you have seen before.

This morning’s service went well by the grace of God. We are moving towards a goal. We still have two more services (one in the afternoon and one in the evening)… it is a packed retreat but time is being used well.

Please continue to pray for transformation and also for the worship team and me.

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