Quiet Reflection

I was pondering on the 17th century French theologian, Francois Fenelon’s words – “Silence promotes the presence of God… If you are faithful in keeping silence when it is not necessary to speak, God will preserve you from evil when it is right for you to talk.”

In the quietness of this place, I realized how much I have not promoted God’s presence due to all the “noise” in my life. There is something about solitude and silence that causes a soul to experience God in a different way.

I need more of it.

My time here with the TLT (trans-local team) of AMI has been good. We have been covering business items in the morning and then having some time of personal reflection and prayer in the afternoons. Then in the evenings we have been working on future direction for AMI.

It is just exciting when you see all that God is doing on these huge Post-It papers all over the wall. I will try to sneak a quick picture of it if I can. It is like the war room.

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