Missions Week 2008

        I just got back from Jakarta. I can’t wait to share more of what God is doing in that part of the world this coming Sunday. It was great having a meal together with the family tonight. After all the meals on the road and all the company of people that […]

Jakarta Update 10.29.08

I am at Singapore’s Changi Airport right now (waiting for the ticket counter to open). Today, I had the opportunity to meet with Dan and Yonas for lunch in Karawaci. It was great talking about business and transforming society through various spheres. For some reason, whenever I am around business minded people they expand my […]

Jakarta Update 10.28.08

Today Lord woke me up early (5AM) therefore I had this strange feeling that He wanted me to intercede. I spent some time praying for Indonesia and the church plant in 2009. I headed out to Karawaci again this morning and went through the long one-hour commute. A person can possibly spend a quarter of […]

Jakarta Update 10.27.08

Today was a full day. Due to the limited time here in Jakarta, there have been back-to-back meetings with various people. I met up with Pastor Dave Kenney, from International English Service and talked about obtaining a religious visa so that our family can get into Indonesia. He’s a great guy. Over the years, I […]

Singapore Update 10.26.08

This morning we went to two church services. One was an Indonesian church that attracted a lot of the Indonesian speaking people in Singapore. They also have a translated English service where the congregation is a little bit more diverse. Then we headed out to a service where one of our alumni attends. After visiting […]

Singapore Update 10.25.08

I finally arrived in Singapore around 2:10AM! I was encouraged to see Jackson and Stephen waiting up for me to give me a ride to my hotel even though it was late. After a few hours of sleep, I met up with Jackson in the morning and spent some time catching up. We talked about […]

Layover in Japan 10.24.08

You know that you have to stop traveling when: 1) You have to start dating the entries because there is only so many ways to say that you are at a layover 2) You start recognizing and feeling a sense of comfort at particular airports 3) You have memorized all the free hotspots for Wi-Fi […]

Heading Out to Jakarta and Singapore

I am at the airport getting ready to board for my trip out to Jakarta and Singapore. I am looking forward to spending some time with our alumni in Singapore. It has been encouraging to know that some of them have been meeting together monthly. I am hoping that God will strengthen them and encourage […]

Christina’s B-Day 2008

We were able to celebrate Christina’s birthday before I took off for Jakarta. We followed in our tradition by having a meal (this time it was a snack since Christina and I were going to have dinner together), going around and saying why we are thankful for the birthday person and then having cake together. […]

We Were Wrong

It is interesting when a business website catches wind of a church apologizing to the public. In an article on the Entrepreneur.com website, Keith Stewart, lead pastor of Springcreek Church in Garland, TX gives a public apology about the failure of the Church by taking out a full page ad in The Dallas Morning News […]

2008 Undergraduate Retreat Reflections

It seems like every year at the Undergraduate Retreat God does something “unique” for that particular season in our church. This year, it was the first time that we had three campuses come together from UM, NU, and UIC. Whenever you get people from different campuses together it is hard to build unity, but from […]

The Palin Dichotomy

There was an USA Today article entitled, “Southern Baptists Back Palin Despite View on Women’s Role.” Mike Baker wrote that while the biggest Protestant denomination holds to the belief that a woman may not lead a church or a home, but they do not see anything wrong with Sarah Palin serving as Vice-President (if elected) […]

Stained Glass Windows

        This is a picture inside the Alice Miller Chapel on the Northwestern University campus in Evanston, IL. It is beautiful. It really took my breath away as I saw all these stain glass windows. It was not the typical iconic windows with all the Christian themes, but it still had the […]

Back to Chicago for a Wedding

I am headed out to Chicago today for a couple’s wedding who attend HMCC of Chicago. It is right in the middle of our Undergraduate Retreat therefore I will have to drive back and forth. But it is going to be exciting to see our first wedding from the church in Chicago. The vision of […]

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