The Palin Dichotomy

There was an USA Today article entitled, “Southern Baptists Back Palin Despite View on Women’s Role.” Mike Baker wrote that while the biggest Protestant denomination holds to the belief that a woman may not lead a church or a home, but they do not see anything wrong with Sarah Palin serving as Vice-President (if elected) and possibly as President.

Hmm… I am just trying to put the pieces together.

If the statement by this denomination is true (as well as many other conservative denominations), then a person can conclude, “It is ok to lead men in any context except for the church and home.” Then, I am wondering what the unbelieving world is thinking and how they view the church.

I am not trying to get into a theology discussion here (I am sympathetic to both sides of the discussion), but I guess this is something to consider especially in light of the negative views the world has of the Church.

You can read the article here.

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