Jakarta Update 10.29.08

I am at Singapore’s Changi Airport right now (waiting for the ticket counter to open). Today, I had the opportunity to meet with Dan and Yonas for lunch in Karawaci. It was great talking about business and transforming society through various spheres. For some reason, whenever I am around business minded people they expand my mind and perspective on the things.

Then I meet up with Louisa and Engel and had some Indonesian Sundanese food. It is known for its spicy-ness. It blows up in your mouth… it is not for the weak of heart (or weak of palette). Then, they dropped me off at the airport.

I am looking forward to processing all the informational things that I have gathered from this trip and sharing with HMCC members this coming Jakarta Church Plant Informational Meeting. The plane rides are the best for this.

Now, I am just waiting for my family to come home so that we can see each other through webcam – oh the marvels of technology… even though we are far away we are not too far!
Changi Airport.JPG
My own created space at Changi Airport