Jakarta Update 10.28.08

Today Lord woke me up early (5AM) therefore I had this strange feeling that He wanted me to intercede. I spent some time praying for Indonesia and the church plant in 2009. I headed out to Karawaci again this morning and went through the long one-hour commute. A person can possibly spend a quarter of their life in traffic.

I had a meeting with Aileen Riady, the wife of the Lippo Group executive. She is actively involved in Sekolah Pelita Harapan, the Christian international school. It was great talking with her. It is hard to find people who have such a passion and vision to transform nations.

As we were talking, I had the opportunity to share about the vision that God placed in our hearts. The vision of planting college campus churches on or near global cities, then clustering the international students together to send them back to their country to impact a nation was discussed. I also shared about the significance of the Transformasphere Movement and how that is going to play a part in raising up future Kingdom workers who will transform various sphere of society with the Gospel.

I also had the privilege of sharing about how planting this church in Jakarta is going to play a part in the bigger vision of transformation. There was definitely a kindred spirit as she shared some of her passion in helping students grades K-12 to develop a strong spiritual foundation, as well as a vision for using their education experience to transform the world.

Then, afterwards, I did more house rental “shopping.” Man, this is definitely not something that I can get up early in the morning for… I am just a servant boy doing the bidding of a lady who wants to make sure that we have a place to stay when we get here 🙂 In the last 1.5 days, I think I saw a totally of 10 houses… Lord have mercy!

In the evening, I met up with two elders from Jakarta International Christian Fellowship. It was great to hear each of their stories as well as how JICF got started back in the mid-1990’s. One of the elders (an Indonesian) studied at Seattle University and Purdue University. As he was sharing his testimony, I couldn’t help but to notice that a lot of what he went through is what I have been noticing in our alumni.

We are on to something.
Motorcycles and Taxi.JPG
I was tempted to get out of the taxi and hop on a motorcycle
Starbucks in Hospitals.JPG
I couldn’t help but to notice the Starbucks at this hospital… classical globalization!

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