Hong Kong Stop

I am always amazed how God orchestrates things for His glory and our good. As I have mentioned earlier, I had no idea that there was a stopover in Hong Kong when we originally purchased the plane tickets. Therefore, we had no time to plan for our time in Hong Kong, even though it was only for 3 hours.

But at the last minute I was able to e-mail Dave Ng, one of our former members who now lives in Hong Kong. When he greeted us at the airport terminal, he mentioned that it was truly the Sovereignty of God. Dave mentioned that surprisingly all of his meetings got canceled today and even his planned trip out of town did not work out. I want to believe that things turned out this way because God wanted us to reconnect together 🙂

Even though our time was short, we had an awesome time together catching up on life, as well as talking about what God is doing in China. In fact, as we were talking a lot of the things that Dave is doing now and even planning for the future falls in line with the whole Transformasphere Movement and even the Destiny Campaign.

We talked about politics, commerce, community development, educational funding, the arts and media, domestic issues dealing with the roles of fathers in the family, healthcare and hospitals and international churches. It was pretty much the whole Transformasphere Movement… wow!

This reminded me once again how the 7 spheres (CHARGED) inevitably are connected with one another; and if we are serious about transforming societies and nations, we need to get involved in bringing the Gospel to these spheres.
After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we went upstairs in the airport for some coffee

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