A Stop Over in Singapore

After 20+ hours of travel, we finally arrived in Singapore and met up with Stephen Suyro, who is another former member of HMCC. It has been fascinating connecting the dots on this trip. Both Dave and Stephen came to know the Lord through their time in HMCC. There is something powerful about having people discover a personal relationship with Christ under our ministry. There is a strong spiritual connection.

The great thing about talking with Stephen is that he is an Indonesian. Therefore, I was able to ask him questions about his time in Jakarta, especially during the 1998 riots when the country was in chaos. Times are truly changing in Indonesia. It is a great opportunity for the Church to make a difference.

Tomorrow, we are going to meet up with some more HMCC alumni for lunch. Then, I think afterwards we are going to visit various places in the city. Singapore is a great international city – you cannot beat the diversity of people, the food, and the culture. I am looking forward to experiencing some of it tomorrow before we head out to Indonesia.
We couldn’t resist the smell of noodles when we got out of the cab, so we…

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