Austin Visit Update 2

I met up with the team for lunch yesterday afternoon. Some of them had to work therefore they were not able to make it out, but it was a great lunch by the riverside with the rest of the team. It was a unique seafood Tex-Mex menu which was awesome. Now, I see how people in Texas can really gain weight if they are not careful because everything is BIG in Texas – from the drink cup to the portions.

The team invited a Buddhist friend that the team is trying to share the love of God with. He is a Malaysian who went to the University of Michigan and he is now getting a PhD at UT. It is awesome how God is always making the divine connections. He has even been coming out to the informal Sunday Celebration!

After lunch, we stop by one of the best coffee shops in the area called, Mozart’s. It was great talking with the manager of the store because once he found out that I was from Ann Arbor, he quickly mentioned Zingerman’s. He went to a Zingerman’s leadership training course last year. Once again, it is amazing to see how many avenues of connection that God gives for us to start up a conversation. We just have to start the conversation and God will do the rest.

Then for dinner, we all went over to Pastor Ben’s place. After dessert, we spent some time going around and sharing some of the lessons that God was teaching us and also some of the blessings that we have received so far. It was great hearing all the testimonies of God’s faithfulness and goodness.

There are never coincidences with God. He is the Author of our lives and as we respond in obedience to Him, God is constantly opening up doors of blessings. All the team members answered the
4-Evers (whatever, whenever, wherever, whichever) and now God is pouring out His favor on their lives.

It is going to be exciting to see what God is going do through them throughout this first year of the church plant.
By the River.JPG
The cafe by the river was awesome
Dinner at Ben's.JPG
Getting ready to eat at Pastor Ben’s place
Michelle Cutting the Pie.JPG
The joy of church planting

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