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Today in the morning, Stephen, Moses and I headed towards the Singapore National Library. It is an awesome 16-story library complex which reflects the beauty of Singaporean architecture. We also had the opportunity to just walk around in the common area where young people were gathered today playing various sports. It was fun randomly talking with the youth of Singapore. I realized that the best way to start a church is to be where the people are and just start striking up a conversation.

Then for lunch, I was able to meet up with some of the former HMCC members. I think the earliest person to graduate from UM in the group was in the year of 2002. It was awesome to hear what some of them were up to in this part of the world. Afterwards, we just hung out at a café and chatted.

I have been encouraged to see the alumni wanting to bless Moses and me with all the meals and coffee. I guess all those stewardship messages is now bearing fruit 🙂 It is always uplifting to see people who are willing to sacrifice in order to bless someone.

We then rushed off to the airport to travel to Jakarta. When we arrived in Jakarta, I ran into some problems with the visa because my passport was completely full. I was trying to convince them that there was one page left to put the visa sticker. But they said that it was for amendments and other stamps, but not for visas. After giving them a “love offering” (donation for their cigarette and coffee funds), they “decided” that it was OK… HA!

We headed out to a restaurant where we ate some authentic Indonesia food. There I reconnected with some more alumni. I also had the privilege of meeting up with some business people who were doing human resourcing for various places around the world. It was encouraging to hear the vision of wanting to use business to bring greater transformation to villages, cities, and nations.

Tomorrow is going to be a full day. I am excited to visit an international church here in Jakarta. Then afterwards, I am going to meet up with the pastor and try to pick his brain about how the international church got started. Then we will have some more meal appointments with different people in this area.
Construction Singapore.JPG
Singapore is still growing with all the construction – it is one of the most beautiful cities
Ultimate Fresbie.JPG
Youths gathered around an open complex to play ultimate frisbee
FloorBall Dudes.JPG
I had an opportunity to talk with some of the youths who were playing “floor ball”
HMCC Alumni Singapore.JPG
Enjoying our time with the HMCC alumni of Singapore!

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