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It has been a long 24 hours. I arrived in Narita Airport in Japan after some delays in DTW (oh the delays). Then I only had 40 minutes to get on my Singapore flight. I finally arrived at 1:30AM and then checked into a hotel in the airport. It is cool that you can rent out rooms at the airport for 6 hour blocks.

Then at 6AM, I met up with some of the former HMCC members at the Singapore airport. Even though it was only for a few hours, it was a treat to meet up with people who are now in Singapore trying to spread the ripple of God’s love in this area.

I wish we had more time to talk and check out the delicious food of Singapore. But the best part was just hearing what God was doing in their lives. Even though most of them were going to different churches, I could tell they are trying to be a blessing in their respective churches. Some of them are starting their own publishing companies and teaching in various colleges, and others are working at various companies.

It has always been a vision that once the international students leave Ann Arbor (and now Chicago) that they will take the training they received at HMCC to their various places around the world. I know that in the years to come we will see various influential people placed in all sectors of society, locally as well as internationally.

Now, I am heading out to Jakarta. It is great to have other former HMCC members in that part of the world. I found out that one of them has connections at the airport so they will be able to speed up the visa process… Praise God!
Jo and me.JPG
Jo started her own publishing company and wrote her first book that is being used on the various colleges in Singapore – wow! I made sure that I got a signed copy 🙂
Singapore Guys.JPG
Enjoying breakfast with some of the Singaporean guys

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